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Catan 3D Edition Seafarers, Cities & Knights Expansions


Available on: 18/11/2022
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Catan 3D Edition Seafarers, Cities & Knights Expansions

Note – this is an expansion and requires the core game to play

  • Core Set: Catan
  • Manufacturer: Catan Studios
  • No of Players: 3-4 Players
  • Playing Time: 45-90 Min
  • Minimum Age: 10+
  • Release Date: August 2021


The island of Catan rises up from the table for an immersive game experience like no other.

CATAN – Seafarers: Send your ships to explore and discover uncharted islands off of Catan’s shores. Perhaps you will build new settlements there or even discover valuable gold fields. This is the first time this expansion has been produced in 3D.

CATAN – Cities & Knights: Improve your cities into great metropolises. Combine your forces with the forces of the other players to defend Catan against the relentless barbarian attacks.

Each tile is hand-painted. Each player piece is antiqued for a look that’s full of character. It’s the ideal add-on for your CATAN – 3D Edition.


Board Game

Catan Studios

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