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Critical Role Miniatures: Dwendalian Empire Pre-Painted Miniatures Box Set


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Critical Role Miniatures: Dwendalian Empire Pre-Painted Miniatures Box Set

Released October 2020

Manufacturer:  Wizkids

SKU: WIZ74253

Core Set:  Critcal Role

Contents: 1 Set of Pre-Painted Plastic Miniatures Set

Condition: These models are brand new.


Critical Role has partnered with WizKids to create high quality figures that are compatible with the most popular tabletop RPGs. A part of the first entries into the Critical Role inspired line, Critical Role: Monsters of Wildemount – 1 Box Set offers all the figures you need to incorporate Critical Role’s unique monsters into your world.

The Dwendalian denizens live in a world of imperial law. With the Critical Role: Factions of Wildemount: Dwendalian Empire, you can explore the land ruled over by King Bertrand Dwendal and meet the many denizens who dwell within it. Whether your party examines the wares of the jovial Pumat Sol or finds themselves involved in quiet intrigue with a Volstrucker Agent, your campaign is sure to become one memorable encounter after the next!

This set includes:

Volstrucker Agent (lightning effect in left hand)
Ravenite Dragonborn
Dwendalian Aristocrat
Dwendalian Farmer
Dwendalian Crownsguard
Righteous Brand Soldier
Hills of Pride’s Call Farmer
Pumat Sol

Are you ready to join the Dwendalian Empire?


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