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D&D Icons of the Realm Monster Pack: Village Raiders


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D&D Icons of the Realm Monster Pack: Village Raiders

Released Dec 2019
Manufacturer:  Wizkids/ Piazo
Core Set: Pathfinder / D&D
Contents: 1 Set of Pre-Painted Plastic Miniatures
Condition: These models are brand new.

As your arrive at your destination, a pack of ferocious monsters blocks your path! Are you prepared to face them?

These devious goblins, terrifying orcs, and horrifying gnolls represent some of the most iconic forces from the Dungeons & Dragons universe. These high-quality painted figures bring an exciting new dimension to your adventures and allow you to create an endless variety of encounters for all your campaigns.

With this set of monsters, you and your heroic compatriots can embark on truly epic quests with incredible encounters.

3 Goblins
2 Orcs
2 Gnolls


Dungeons and Dragons

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