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D&D GF9 Miniatures: Batiri Goblin Totem


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DandD GF9 Miniatures: Batiri Goblin Totem

The Batiri are goblins. Nasty, thievine, squabbling, sneaking, and bloodthirsty, the batiri exists in seperate tribes that are all ruled by a single Goblin queen. In order to rule such a motley mob, the goblin queen must defeat any challenges to her throne, and because of this, she is a ruthless, and dangerous adversary.
Each batiri tribe worships some jungle creature that the goblins fear – usually evil spirit or toothy dinosaur – and they adorn themselves to look as fierce and as large as possible.

Condition: Miniatures come unpainted as new. (Some will need assembly)

Manufacturer:  These miniatures are created by Gale Force 9.  They are superbly detailed miniatures and are all produced as limited edition runs.

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