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DC Heroclix: The Flash 014 Girder C


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DC Comics HeroClix: The Flash Miniature (as detailed in the above description)

Condition: Brand New with Card

New DC Comics Heroclix: The Flash 5-figure Booster Packs feature the characters— past, present and future who have used the moniker of The Flash along with his infamous Rogues Gallery. DC Comics HeroClix: The Flash picks up the pace with the premiere of the new Speedforce power— making for exciting and dynamic game play that gives each speedster character their own unique twist.

The Flash come at us with some Improved Movement and can ignore elevated terrain. The Flash has a trait called Speed Force</em>; every time The Flash moves at least one square and hits one or more adjacent characters, you may place a Speed token on his card after actions resolve. You may also increase The Flash’s speed value by the number of Speed tokens on this card.

What are Speed tokens good for?

Faster Than Thought is the other of The Flash’s traits and will allow him to use Super Senses. Once per turn, you may remove a Speed token from this card to reroll one of his Super Senses rolls.

The Flash has a special power called Flash Fact. As you build up Speed tokens on The Flash’s card he will gain the use of additional powers. So when The Flash has at least 2 Speed tokens, he can use Empower. If he has at least 3 Speed tokens, he can use Enhancement. If he has at least 4 Speed tokens, he can use Probability Control. These are powers that The Flash can use and they do stack based on the number of Speed Tokens on his card.

The Flash starts out with a 13 movement value and Hypersonic Speed</em>; don’t forget he can still ignore elevated terrain. He has an 11 attack with 3 damage value which is good enough to punch through Invincible or Impervious. For defense The Flash can share his natural 18 with his fellow friends through the use of Defend.

The Flash’s movement switched between Hypersonic Speed and Charge with his movement value modified by the number of Speed tokens on his card. His traited Super Senses will come in handy while using Defend, Combat Reflexes, or Willpower.

The Flash will cost you just 130 points and has the JLA as well as the Police team abilities. When building a themed team The Flash can be added to any Central City, Justice League, Police, Scientist, or Speedster teams.



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