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D&D 2nd Monstrous Compedium Annual Volume Three


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D&D 2nd Monstrous Compedium Annual Volume Three

Rule System: AD&D

Book Info: 192 pages,


Tired of your fighter doing nothing but trading swings with
monsters? Are your dungeon denizens’ tactics getting a little too routine? Need
help setting up that siege of the evil overlord’s castle? Then this is the book
for you. This exciting expansion to the AD&D game contains rules and
systems that will make yours battles more vibrant and realistic. There are new
rules covering critical hits, tactical options, and combat manoeuvres such as
shield walls, disarms, and more!

Complete weapons tables for all eras of play include lots of
new weapons and revised characteristics for old ones. The Combat & Tactics
system has been carefully designed to present sets of rules in easy-to-use
modules that you pick and choose from and incorporate into your campaign. Regardless
of which ones you do use, you’ll find

This collection features a full combined index to the Monstrous
Manual tome and all three annuals.


Dungeons and Dragons

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