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D&D Critical Role Miniatures: Characters of Tal’Dorei Set 1


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D&D Critical Role Miniatures: Characters of Tal’dorei Set 1

Released: January 2022
Manufacturer:  Wizkids
Core Set:  Critcal Role
Contents: 1 Set of Pre-Painted Plastic Miniatures Set
Condition: These models are brand new.


Miniature Gaming & Tabletop Critical Role

Critical Role has partnered with WizKids to create high quality figures that are compatible with the most popular tabletop RPGs. As the newest entries into the Critical Role inspired line, Critical Role: Characters of Tal’Dorei – Set 1 offers all the figures you need to incorporate Critical Role’s unique characters into your world.

This set includes:

– Matthew Mercer
– Rivermaw Brawler
– Rivermaw Stormborn
– Kraghammer Barbarian
– Kraghammer Goat-Knight
– Goat-Knight Steed
– Kuul’tevir Rogue
– Kuul’tevir Fighter
– Verdant Guard Ranger

Are you ready to meet The Faces of Tal’Dorei?

*Contents subject to change

*Images not final


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