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D&D GF9 Miniatures: Curse of Strahd: Barovian Witch (1fig)


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D&D GF9 Miniatures: Curse of Strahd: Barovian Witch (1fig)

Manufacturer:  Wizkids, Gale Force Nine

Releases: 31st January 2021

Core Set: Curse of Strahd

Condition: These models are brand new.


The Mad Women and men known as the Barovian Witches forge pacts with Strahd and the Dark Powers of Ravenloft in exchange for magic and longevity. They prefer to live in the shadows and can see in the dark. When traveling in the open, they use alter-self spells to assume less conspicuous forms. They also use these spells to grow long, sharp claws with which they can attack.


Dungeons and Dragons


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