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D&D GF9 Miniatures Wild Beyond the Witchlight: The Hourglass Coven


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D&D GF9 Miniatures Wild Beyond the Witchlight: The Hourglass Coven

Condition: Miniatures come unpainted as new.
Manufacturer:  GF9
Dungeons & Dragons, Wizards of the Coast
Age: 14+
Release: 2022


The Hourglass Coven is a group of three hags, each one bound to an aspect of time: one reflects the past, another reflects the present, and the third reflects the future. These hags are utter wickedness distilled into corporeal forms, friven by a lust for secrets that can be used to manipulate their prey.

The hags loathe each other’s company, but one hag will occasionally visit another to plot against the third sister, creating a vicious circle in which Bavlorna and Endelyn plot against Skabatha, Endelyn and Skabatha conspire against Bavlorna, and Skabatha and Bavlorna bedevil Endelyn. Nothing much ever comes of these petty plots and squabbles, however.

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Dungeons and Dragons


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