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D&D Icons of the Realms: Boneyard Blue Dracolich Premium Figure


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D&D Icons of the Realms: Boneyard Blue Dracolich Premium Figure

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Manufacturer:  Wizkids

Releases: latest info is late October

Core Set: D&D Icons of the Realms: Boneyard

Condition: These models are brand new.

More than a powerful form of undead, a blue dracolich was a blue dragon who had voluntarily tied its soul to a phylactery, freeing itself from death. A type of lich, the creature’s spirit could possess any dead reptilian body, usually their original form, and retained all the powers and abilities of the former body. That meant the blue dracolich had the supernatural fear aura, spells, and lightning breath weapon it had in life, plus the terrible might of the undead.

Contains 1 miniature for your Dungeons & Dragons campaigns or just as a ornament for your room or playing area.

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One Boneyard Premium Set – Blue Dracolich: D&D Icons of the Realms Miniatures supplied.


Dungeons and Dragons


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