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D&D Miniatures Hero: Human Barbarian Wolfgar


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D&D Miniatures Hero: Human Barbarian Wolfgar

Legend of Drizzt Miniature from the Icingdeath Set

Legends Born of Darkness

Drizzt Do’Urden made a triumphant return on September 21 in the D&D Miniatures Icons set, The Legend of Drizzt Scenario Pack.

The limited edition release featured Drizzt, Wulfgar the barbarian, and the fearsome, gargantuan white dragon Icingdeath. Drizzt and Wulfgar come in standard and Epic versions.

Icingdeath, of course, is a 500-point Epic-only creature.

Standard and Epic stat cards for Drizzt and Wulfgar and an oversized stat card for Icingdeath to cover all of his amazing abilities.


Dungeons and Dragons

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