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D&D Miniatures: Icons of the Realms Adult Red Dragon


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D&D Miniatures: Icons of the Realms Adult Red Dragon

  • Released April 2021
  • Manufacturer:  Wizkids
  • SKU: WIZ96032
  • Core Set: Pathfinder / D&D 
  • Contents: Pre-Painted Plastic Miniature
  • Condition: These models are brand new.
  • Miniature Gaming & Tabletop Miniature Gaming & Tabletop

WizKids is ramping up the number of new dragon figures, to really put the dragons back into Dungeons and Dragons. Starting with this Adult Dragon, new dragons will be releasing every few months, with amazing new sculpts and poses!

The Adult Red Dragon is the next release in the series of premium chromatic dragon figures.

The most recognized and treasured of all dragons from Dungeons and Dragons RPG is the red dragon. WizKids rendition of this iconic monster class in adult form is nothing short of a majestic sculpt. It comes fully-painted, and ready to guard its treasure hoard in some volcano lair. The figure stands 7.9 inches tall by 6.9 inches long, and is attached to its base on a translucent mount.

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