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D&D The Wild Beyond the Witchlight – DM Screen


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D&D The Wild Beyond the Witchlight – DM Screen

Release: 2022
Manufacturer: GaleForce9

The Witchlight Carnival is a fairground of  kaleidoscopic tents and wagons crewed by wondrous beings is brought to life on your tabletop through this screen, with tables for carnival scenes games and prizes, as well as for tracking your party’s time spent in the festivities

After their time at the Carnival is complete the screen takes your party to the three splinter realms of Hither, Thither and Yon, that make up the domain of Prismeer.  Inside this screen you will find everything you need to help the adventurers explore these lands with maps for each of the realms, along with the features that make each of these Feywild domains so treacherous and unique…


Dungeons and Dragons

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