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D&D: Witchlight Carnival Dice Set


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D&D: Witchlight Carnival Dice Set

Manufacturer:  Wizards of the Coast
Releases: September 2021

Core Set: Dungeons & Dragons 5e

Condition: This book is brand new.


11 dice

(2-d20, 1-d12, 2-d10, 1-d8, 4-d6, 1-d4)

  • Durable, felt-lined box that functions as two dice trays
  • Player-friendly fold out map (10.5″ x 15.75″) with a map of the Witchlight Carnival on one side and a carnival concept on the other
  • Twenty double-sided cards with descriptions and illustrations of characters, creatures, games and other features of the Witchlight Carnival



Dungeons and Dragons

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