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Dreadball Team DreadBall Xtreme Free Agents x 9 Figures


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Brands:Board Game


Dreadball Team DreadBall Xtreme Free Agents x 9 Figures

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 30 – 60 minutes  2 players  Ages 14+


Dreadball Team DreadBall Xtreme Free Agents x 9 Figures

Number of Miniatures: 9

Product Type: Pre-assembled Plastic Miniatures

Unit Type: Team

Free Agents are less expensive and less notorious than MVP’s, but the right one can make the difference between a win and a loss. Or at least keep the fans entertained enough to distract them from the scoreline. After all, Pusks may be dumb and largely untrainable, but you still can’t beat the sight of one charging through a whole opposing team!


This set contains 9 pre-assembled sprueless plastic models, including:

Free Agents

2 Jetari Training Robots

2 Zee Buccaneers

Yndij Reaver

Avaran Treebeast

Nameless Bloodsucker

Pusk Rampager

Vlorox Spinpede

10 Clear Plastic Hex Bases

1 Mantic Point

1 Mantic Carry Case with Foam

Models supplied unpainted. Sprueless Plastic requires super glue.

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