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FF TCG: Final Fantasy Two Player Starter Set – Avalanche vs Shinra


Available on: 22/10/2021
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FF TCG: Final Fantasy Two Player Starter Set – Avalanche vs Shinra

  • Core Set: Final Fantasy TCG
  • Manufacturer: Square Enix
  • No of Players: 2
  • Minimum Age: 13 +
  • Play Time: 20 mins
  • Release: October 2021


This set allows you to play with a friend right out of the box, each choosing familiar characters from the hit video game Final Fantasy VII Remake.

In the two-player starter set, there are two preconstructed decks: The Avalanche Deck, a fire/earth build focussing on the members of the Avalanche organisation who seek to save the planet; and the Shinra Deck, an Ice Lightning Combo featuring the shadowy figures of the Shinra Electric Power Company who stand in the way of Cloud Strife and his allies.

Additionally, the set features 15 brand new Starter cards (five different kinds, each with three copies) in each of the decks, and one copy of Cloud [15-139S] and Rufus [15-140S] will be available in Full Art form.*

50 card – Preconstructed Deck (AVALANCHE)
50 card – Preconstructed Deck (SHINRA)
2 x Quick Starter Guide

*This product does not contain any Premium Foil cards.

With one Two Player Starter Set, you’ll have everything you need for two players to jump right into the FINAL FANTASY TRADING CARD GAME!

Similar to the two-player starter set, Cloud vs Sephiroth, this is a product that is highly recommended not just for FFTCG players, but fans of FINAL FANTASY who may not be familiar with TCGs.


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Final Fantasy TCG