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Game: Dice Forge Expansion: Rebellion


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Games: Dice Forge Expansion: Rebellion

Manufacturer: Asmodee

Play Time: Approx 45 Mins

Players: 2 – 4

Ages: 10+

Release Date: 2019

Game Description:

This expansion adds two different modules that can be added to the game. A total of 30 exploit cards as well as new die faces, new boards and an expansion to the sanctuary box are added to offer players new challenges, greater interaction and more replayability.


  • 1 Forest Board, with Sleeve
  • 1 Goddess/Titans event board
  • 120 Cards
  • 1 Celestial Die
  • 32 Die faces
  • 4 reserves of ancient shards
  • 4 golem tokens
  • 4 allegiance tokens
  • 4 resource markers
  • 1 active player token


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