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Games: Carcassonne Amazonas Main Game


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Games: Carcassonne Amazonas Main Game

Stand Alone Carcassonne Game

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Approx 30-40 mins       2 – 5  players             Ages 8+

Games: Carcassonne Amazonas

In Carcassonne: Amazonas, players sail their boats to the Amazon to discover abundant wildlife. Players score points not only for discovering animals, but also for visiting native villages and water courses while their boat moves forward on the Amazon. Amazon is full of caimans and piranhas which often (and somewhat unpredictably) bring points to those who are farthest down the river (you move your boats forward when you encounter boat symbols on your water courses and also when you do not place any meeple on water courses or villages, nor huts in jungles). The game ends – as usual – when all tiles have been used up, and the two boats fartherst down the river score some bonus points (depending on the number of players).

Carcassonne: Amazonas is the third title in the “Carcassonne Around the World” series.

The Carcassonne: Around the World line of games typically uses some standard Carcassonne rules, but integrates a variant or expansion out of the box to deliver an experience that exemplifies a particular time and place. The previous two offerings, South Seas (review here) and Gold Rush, explored the South Pacific in the time of colonialism and the American west of roughly the same era. These previous two games, even while retaining the Carcassonne name, offered very different experiences. Once again, a new version seeks to cement a memorable place with “Carc” fans.

Carcassonne: Amazonas is a tile-laying game for 2-5 players. It takes between 35 minutes to 1 hour to play. It plays best with 2 or 3 players.

Game Overview:

A boat race along a pre-Columbian Amazon is the setting for this version of Carcassonne. As players place tiles and use meeples to claim locations, they will also be moving a boat down the great Amazon river with the aim of scoring enough points from villages, tributaries, jungles with animals, and maintaining a lead in a river race.

Game Components:

Carcassonne: Amazonas Boats

Boats early in the game prepare to move down river in a race on the Amazon.

The meeples, wooden huts for camps and cardboard tiles are of the same high quality to be expected from Carcassonne games. The standout pieces are the wooden boats which feel like appropriate models for the Amazon river.

The art for the tiles, however, is outstanding. It delivers a wonderfully artistic and cute jungle experience. The animals are appropriate and very thematic.

How to Play:

Standard Carcassonne has players selecting tiles from a random stack and then placing the tile, aligning it with other tiles already placed. If a player already has a meeple or places a meeple on a completed terrain feature, points are scored.

In this version of Carcassonne, players are completing terrain features such as villages (cities), tributaries (roads), and jungles (farms). The only pieces allowed in jungles are the wooden hut tokens, so players are limited to two jungles for farm points.

The big difference for this version is the boat racing on the Amazon. As players complete tributaries or forego placing meeples, they can move their boat down the river. Every so often, an Amazon river tile is drawn which must extend the main river. It also triggers a scoring for the farthest boat on the river.

Players continue placing tiles and wooden tokens until all tiles have been placed. A final scoring takes place and the player with the most points at the end of the game wins.

Carcassonne: Amazonas Game Experience

As the tiles come out, some expand existing villages or tributaries while Amazon river tiles extend the main play area.


Contents include 73 Land tiles, 24 Ship tokens, 1 rulebook, 19 Fishing boat tokens, 60 wooden
Ware tokens and 20 wooden Islanders.