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Games: Cash N Guns (2nd Ed)


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Games: Ca$h N Guns (2nd Ed)

  • Core Set: Cash N Guns
  • Manufacturer: Asterion Press, Repos Production
  • No of Players: 4 to 8
  • Playing Time: 30 Minutes
  • Minimum Age: 8+
  • Release Date: 2014


In an abandoned warehouse you are one of a band of gangsters who are splitting the loot from their latest haul.  However as with all criminals you cannot agree amongst yourselves what loot each should get so it is time to let the guns do the talking, and soon everyone is aiming at everyone.  You just have to stay alive and have the most money at the end of the game to win!

Ca$h ‘n Guns will let you relive some of the most comedic scenes from all those old school gangster movies. You will have fun bluffing whilst negotiating with your fellow gangsters….you just have to dare to play? Its a game that could kill you with laughter 😛

Each turn, a player assumes the role of “The Don”, who will have the responsibility to call out the steps in gameplay.

To start with before each skirmish the available loot is laid out before the players.   This pot of money will be split between any surviving players at the end of the round.

Once the loot is laid out the “Don” of that round will ask the players, including himself, to load their guns (in the form of selecting a “Bang!” (live bullet) or a “Click! Click!” blank shot from their set of 8 cards: 3 “Bang!”s, and 5 “Clicks!” are in each deck).  Then the Don will count down from 3 and at the end each player instantly aims their guns (real foam guns) at another player.

Each player then takes a look at how many guns are pointed at them, and the potential pot of cash for the round before deciding if they want to “Chicken Out” and run away,  They then get another count of 3 to decide whether to run and if they do they get a “Chicken” token which will deduct from their ill-gotten gains at the end of the game.

Any players remaining resolve the shootout showing their cards. First,  any “Bang!” cards now wound their targets. “Click!”s are just bluffs and do nothing.

Any player that is wounded during the shootout doesn’t get a share of the loot and receives a bandage (A player that 3 bandages is eliminated from the game). Now all the used cards are discarded.

The remaining players split the loot – divided evenly any leftovers are kept on the table and added to the new pot.

The game is played 8 rounds, until all cards were played.

There are a couple of expansions packed-in with most editions that change some of the mechanics of the game..


• 6 foam guns;
• 6 set of 8 bullet cards;
• 1 Quick Reference card;
• 14 Wound tokens;
• 14 Shame markers;
• 40 bank notes;
• 6 Characters to be inserted in their base so that they can stand up;
• the game’s rules;
• 10 Super Power cards;
• 3 Phone operator cards;
• 6 Secret roles cards;
• 1 double-sided Phone card with a Phone used side.

Want to know how to play the game?  

Check out this great review courtesy of Tom Vasel of Dice Tower:

Video for cash and guns game


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