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Games: Codenames Duet


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Games: Codenames Duet

Core Set: Codenames
Release Date: 2017
Publisher: Asmodee, Czech Games Edition
Players: 2 +
Age: 11+
Time: 15 mins


Codenames Duet is a two-player, co-operative version of the very popular Codenames.

In this edition, two covert operatives are on a secret mission in a crowded city. Each knows nine secret agents that the other must contact. Communicating in coded messages, they must sneak past three enemy assassins to complete the mission before time runs out.

Codenames Duet adds to the spy theme with a campaign where you will travel around different cities. In each city you will have a different challenge with a different balance of timer tokens and acceptable mistakes, forcing you to swap more ambitious coded messages and generally increase your ability to think as a team.

Whilst Codenames Duet is primarily a two-player game, it can be played in teams with four or more players. But, if you’re looking to play Codenames with a larger group, then you can always checkout the original game, Codenames: Pictures, or many of the other themed games in the Codenames Range.


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