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Games: Dungeons & Dragons – Onslaught: Red Mages Faction Pack


Available on: 01/02/2023
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Games: Dungeons & Dragons – Onslaught: Red Mages Faction Pack

Manufacturer: Wizkids
Release Date: Est 2023
Age Rating: 14+
Playtime: 60 mins
Players: 1-4


The Red Wizards Faction Pack expands your games of D&D Onslaught with a scheming and nefarious faction comprised of powerful spell casters and their martial allies.
The Red Wizards have a number of characters capable of summoning minions like skeletons and shadowy hounds to their aid.
Summoned creatures are represented by tokens, but could also be represented with miniatures bought separately from WizKids’ D&D miniature lines.
  • 6 highly-detailed, pre-painted miniatures
  • 6 Combat Cards
  • 12 Level Up Cards
  • 2 Red Wizards faction dice
  • gameplay tokens
  • rules sheet


Board Game

Dungeons and Dragons


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Weight 1 kg