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Games: Hey, That’s My Fish!


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Games: Hey, That’s My Fish!

  • Manufacturer: Fantasy Flight Games
  • No of Players: 2 – 4 players
  • Playing Time: 20 mins
  • Minimum Age: 8+

Grab all the fish you can before they slip away. Your penguins must race across the rapidly dwindling ice floe to collect the juiciest fish and block of their rivals. But your penguins better stay alert! If a penguin gets stuck on an ice floe, he’s done.

In this fast-playing game for the whole family, two to four players control hungry penguins looking for the biggest lunch. Seemingly simple, your goal will be thwarted by devious penguins and an ever-shrinking game board. What strategy will you construct to bypass the competition?

Contains 16 plastic penguins!


Board Game

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