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Games: More Cash n More Guns (2nd Ed)


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Games: More Cash n More Guns

(Please note that this is an expansion and requires a copy of Cash and Guns to play)

  • Core Set: Ca$h N Guns
  • Manufacturer: Asterion Press, Repos Production
  • No of Players: 4 to 8
  • Playing Time: 30 Minutes
  • Minimum Age: 10+
  • Release Date: 2014

Game Designer: Ludovic Maublanc

Publisher: Repos Production

The chest packed and we have 4 new weapons and maps to surprise your fellow gangsters with!

Your games of Ca$h’n Guns will never be the same.  More Ca$h’n More Guns is an expansion for the main 2nd edition game.

The base game is required to play.

The expansion contains a rulebook in English and French 4 x black foam guns with an orange ending at their barrels – These are new guns – you get 1 Big Gun, 1 Small Gun and 2 Twin Guns, There is also one Safe tile, 3 Power cards, 16 Surprise cards and 16 Loot Share cards.  There are also now 5 x fake USD 10000, 5 x fake 20000, one Forged Painting, one card with 2 Fake Diamonds, 2 Safe combinations, one Suitcase and one Key.

As this game requires no reading in game play it is great for any language.

The Play: You will mix the16 new Loot Share cards in with those from the basic game. No change to start up but 16 random Loot Share cards now are unused in the loot haul.  These go under the Safe, which is placed on its ‘available’ side. The new Power cards are also mixed with the old ones, and each player gets two from which he chooses one to keep.

The game plays doesn’t change however the ‘Don’ can now take the two top Loot cards from the Safe instead of his normal share. He chooses one of these and gives the other to the  player on his right.   Also on the last round whoever is the ‘Don’ decides if the Fake Bills will be worth their face value or not.

There is also a Key and the Suitcase, which if owned by alive players are worth USD 25000 each.  There is a ‘Combination’, which allows the removal of any Loot Share card from the Safe.  A the Forged Painting, which will be counted as a real painting only if the owning player decides to pay USD 20000 to verify it; and 2 Fake Diamonds, which are worthless but will count as diamond cards for the potential diamond bonus at the end..

The Big Gun can actually deal two wounds, the Brute with which taking one wound does not hinder you in getting a share and lastly the Twin Guns one of which is real and deals wounds while the other is a fake gun and does nothing.

Amongst the sixteen Surprise cards you will find the Fake Click (surprise! It’s a bang!), the Magic and Crazy Bullet (they deal damage to the target player and to the player to their left or the right), and the Small Gun (a second Gun that is held at the same time as your usual gun).

All of which will ensure a lot more fun and great additions to the original game. 


Cash and Guns