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Games: Necromunda House Delaque Gang Tactics Cards (2021)


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Games: Necromunda House Delaque Gang Tactics Cards

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Core set: Necromunda
Released: 2021

Expand your games of Necromunda with these 26 cards, representing the myriad tricks and schemes that can be used to gain an advantage in the underhive. These cards offer a great way to reference your gang’s tactical options mid-game. As well as 18 gang-specific Tactics cards that perfectly encapsulate the way that House Delaque fight, there are also 8 blank Fighter cards for you to keep track of your gang.

This box contains 26 100mm x 75mm cards for use in games of Necromunda:

  • 18x Delaque gang-specific Tactics cards
  • 8x Blank Fighter cards

    Note: You will need a copy of the Necromunda: Rulebook and Necromunda: House of Shadow to use the contents of this set.



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