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Games: Raiders of the North Sea – Collector’s Box


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Games: Raiders of the North Sea – Collector’s Box

  • Manufacturer: Renegade Game Studios
  • No of Players: 2-6 Players
  • Age: 12+
  • Play Time: 60-100 Mins

Raiders of the North Sea is set in the central years of the Viking Age. As Viking Warriors, players seek to impress the Chieftain by raiding nearby settlements. Players will need to assemble a crew, collect provisions and journey north to plunder gold, iron and livestock.
There is glory to be found in battle, even at the hands of the Valkyrie. So gather your warriors, it’s raiding season!

This Collector’s Box contains a plastic insert and can store, Raiders of the North Sea, Fields of Fame and the Hall of Heroes set. It also includes 200 themed cards and features a different cover feature for the box art.


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