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Games: Square Up!


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Games: Square Up!

  • Manufacturer: Mad Moose Games
  • No of Players: 2
  • Playing Time: 5-10 mins
  • Minimum Age: 6+

Square Up is the fast and furious tile game that requires no pencil or paper!; Shake the cube to find your puzzle and then the race is on! Square Up is a fabulous game to play on your own or with a friend, at home or on the move. Each Square Up board comes with its own travel-friendly lid which means you can take it with you anywhere and not lose the tiles!; The rules are really simple. Each player shakes their cube shaker at the same time until all the cubes are sitting properly in their slots. The cube shaker must be put down next to the player and not touched again until the start of the next game. Each player must slide their tiles around their tray and try to get the 9 centre tiles to exactly match the arrangement of the colours in their cube shaker. The first player to successfully match the colour pattern in their cube shaker must close their lid so that the centre 9 tiles are framed. That player has won the game. To play another round simply shake the cubes again to get a new puzzle pattern.


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