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Games: Takenoko The Panda Game


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Games: Takenoko The Panda Game


 Approx 45 Mins        2 – 4 players             Ages 8+

Games: Takenoko The Panda Game

Can you grow bamboo across your plantation as a mischievous panda eats wherever he can? In every game of Takenoko, the players take the role of gardeners of the Nippon emperor caring for his Giant Panda and growing a bamboo plantation. Your mission: to farm and irrigate parcels of land growing green, yellow, and pink bamboo. Each turn, you’ll see what the weather brings your way and perform two actions: getting a new plot of land, digging irrigation channels, growing bamboo, feeding the panda, or drawing an objective card. At the end of the game, whichever player has earned the most points from his objectives wins!

  • Rules
  • 28 hex tiles
  • 90 plastic bamboo sections
  • 20 wooden irrigation channels
  • 55 cards
  • Four individual player boards
  • Eight wooden action tokens
  • One weather die
  • One panda figurine and one gardener figurine
Technical Data


Country of Origin China

Dimensions 11.00 x 11.75 x 11.00 in.

Weight 2.70 lbs.

Case Quantity 6

Dimensions 20.50 x 11.75 x 11.75 in.

Weight 17.68 lbs.

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