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Games: The Red Dragon Inn Smorgasbox Expansion


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Games: The Red Dragon Inn Smorgasbox Expansion

  • Core Set: Red Dragon Inn 1 (However all Games act as stand alone games apart from mini expansions) and Battle for Greyport
  • Manufacturer: Slugfest Games
  • No of Players: 2+ (Limited only by number of decks – this set has 1 deck)
  • Playing Time: 30 to 50 Minutes (30 mins + 10 mins per additional player beyond 2)
  • Minimum Age: 12+
  • Release Date:2019


A little something for everyone!

Roxana, the Adventurous Chef headlines the latest expansion to The Red Dragon Inn series of games. Bring this slicing and dicing elf to the party for some wining and dining fun as you fight, drink, gamble and eat your way to victory! Be the last adventurer standing at the end of the night and claim victory!

The Smorgasbox contains more than just a new character to add to The Red Dragon Inn!

  • Roxana starting deck for Battle for Greyport
  •  4 new Otto Factions and Play Mat
  •  1 brand new Rogues and Warriors Deck
  •  5 Promo Drinks
  •  2 Prize Cards
  •  A new edition of Gambling? I’m In!
  •  All the bits and pieces to play as well as storage solutions!

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The Red Dragon Inn

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