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Games Workshop: Blood Bowl Treeman


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Games Workshop: Blood Bowl Treeman

Releases: 27th November 2020

We can only ship these to European Countries (Games Workshop policy I am afraid)


Treemen have become a fixture of modern Blood Bowl, playing for a variety of teams. They hold down the Line of Scrimmage as the ultimate defensive players, adding staying power to some of the squishier teams like Halflings and Wood Elves.

Akhorne the Squirrel is also making his long-awaited Blood Bowl debut. What good is a squirrel against some of the biggest and toughest players of fantasy football? Did we mention that he’s sat on top of a mighty Treeman? The kit makes one of two different Treemen, both of which are looking to put their roots down for a new team.

This fantastic kit will build one of two different types of Treemen. The Altern Forest version blends in nicely with your Halflings (including the infamous Akhorne the Squirrel), while the Loren Forest Treeman features an ornate face mask that looks right at home in a Wood Elf team. Their slow speed is balanced by high strength and resilience, both sorely needed on those teams…

This plastic model is supplied in 13 components, including a 40mm round base. Treemen are available to play for Wood Elf, Halfling, and Old World Alliance teams. You can find all the rules you need to use them in your games of Blood Bowl in the Second Season Official Rules.


Blood Bowl

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