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MTG: Strixhaven School of Mages Draft Booster Display


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MTG: Strixhaven School of Mages Draft Booster Display

  • Brand: Magic the Gathering
  • Manufacturer: Wizards of the Coast
  • Release Date: April 2021


  • Magic goes off to college at Strixhaven: School of Mages. Join one of Strixhaven’s five distinct colleges and get in where you fit in among the brightest young spell casters around.Silverquil, Lorehold, Prismari, Witherbloom, Quandrix – each dual-colour college has its own unique personality and mechanics.Study up and show your opponents that knowledge is power. And explore Strixhaven’s vast magical library.Draft Boosters are for Limited formats, like Booster Draft and Sealed Deck. They’re the classic Magic booster pack made up of 36x 15 card single boosters, the set is designed for a balanced Draft experience, plus an ad card or token.

    Please note:

    One MTG: Strixhaven School of Mages Draft Booster Box supplied in English.


Card Game

Magic The Gathering

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