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Munchkin Games: Valentines Booster Pack


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Munchkin Valentines

Munchkin fans love stealing treasure – but what about stealing hearts? Whether you’re a Munchkin fan, or you’re looking to woo one, these are the valentines for you. Each package comes with five, and they’re illustrated by Munchkin fan-favorite illustrator John Kovalic. You’ll also get five high-quality envelopes sized to fit, and five little stacks of Munchkin cards to slip inside each valentine. What’s not to love?

Product Features:
Brand – Steve Jackson Games
Model – 5607SJG
Item Dimensions – H 5 inches L 0 inches W 3.75 inches
Love Munchkin? Let everybody know it! Each package comes with five valentines you can hand out to friends, family, or significant others. Q18
Each package comes with five sets of Munchkin cards, too – slip them inside the valentines. Maybe you’ll find someone new to play Munchkin with!
Art on the valentines is from original Munchkin artist, John Kovalic
Comes with five envelopes for sending.



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