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Star Wars: Imperial Assault General Sorin Villain


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Star Wars: Imperial Assault General Sorin Villain Pack

This is not a complete game experience. A copy of the Imperial Assault Game Core Set is required to play. (See Below)

General Sorin is one of the Empire’s foremost military minds and a formidable commander. On the battlefield, General Sorin leads by example as he coordinates attacks and inspires his troops. In your games of Imperial Assault, General Sorin can be an excellent centerpiece to enhance every other figure in your forces.

This figure pack offers General Sorin’s inspiring leadership and brilliant stratagems to any skirmish strike team. A sculpted plastic figure brings the character to life and replaces the token found in the Return to Hoth expansion. With a new three-card Agenda set, two new skirmish missions, and new Command cards and Deployment cards for both games, the General Sorin Villain Pack lets you turn any battle into a resounding victory for the Empire.

General Sorin Villain Pack

The final Villain Pack in these expansions focuses on General Sorin, one of the Empire’s foremost military minds. General Sorin leads by example on the battlefield, coordinating attacks and inspiring his own troops to benefit from his abilities. In your games of Imperial Assault, General Sorin is an excellent centerpiece to enhance the potential of every figure in your forces.

During a campaign, General Sorin comes with a three-card Agenda set that plays to General Sorin’s favored weapons – heavy vehicles and an explosive arsenal. You might play the Armored Division Agenda card to quickly lower the cost of any Vehicle unit, allowing you to bring it into play for a significantly lower cost. Alternatively, you could challenge the heroes to face down a division of AT-STs on Ando Prime with this set’s Agenda mission. Whether you use the Bombardment Agenda set or not, General Sorin is a worthy nemesis for the campaign included in theReturn to Hoth expansion.

You may also harness General Sorin’s natural leadership in the Imperial Assault skirmish game. Two new skirmish missions bring you to a Climate Research Camp, where you’ll fight on a variety of different terrain types set in close proximity to each other. Finally, three new Command cards expand the field tactics of the Galactic Empire, meaning that the General Sorin Villain Pack is an excellent addition to any Imperial strike team in the skirmish game.


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