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Star Wars Miniature 25-60 Clone Strike Saesee Tiin R


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Star Wars Miniature 25-60 Clone Strike Saesee Tiin R

Core Set: Clone Strike
Manufacturer: Wizards of the Coast

On Offer the Star Wars Miniature as per Main photo.
Note: These are now OOP (Out Of Print and increasingly becoming scarce)

Condition: They are in mint condition in bag, miniature comes Pre Painted with its own statistic card sleeved in mint condition.


Clone Strike Checklist As Per Below:


Set No Name Faction Rarity
01/60 Aayla Secura Republic VR
02/60 Aerial Clone Trooper Captain Republic R
03/60 Anakin Skywalker Republic VR
04/60 ARC Trooper Republic U
05/60 Captain Typho Republic R
06/60 Clone Trooper Republic C
07/60 Clone Trooper Republic C
08/60 Clone Trooper Commander Republic U
09/60 Clone Trooper Grenadier Republic C
10/60 Clone Trooper Sergeant Republic C
11/60 Agen Kolar Republic R
12/60 General Kenobi Republic R
13/60 Gungan Cavalry on Kaadu Republic R
14/60 Gungan Infantry Republic C
15/60 Jedi Guardian Republic U
16/60 Ki-Adi Mundi Republic R
17/60 Kit Fisto Republic R
18/60 Luminara Unduli Republic R
19/60 Mace Windu Republic VR
20/60 Naboo Soldier Republic U
21/60 Padmé Amidala Republic VR
22/60 Plo Koon Republic R
23/60 Qui-Gon Jinn Republic VR
24/60 Quinlan Vos Republic VR
25/60 Saesee Tiin Republic R
26/60 Yoda Republic VR
27/60 Asajj Ventress Separatists R
28/60 Battle Droid Separatists C
29/60 Battle Droid Separatists C
30/60 Battle Droid Separatists C
31/60 Battle Droid Officer Separatists U
32/60 Battle Droid on STAP Separatists R
33/60 Count Dooku Separatists VR
34/60 Dark Side Acolyte Separatists U
35/60 Darth Maul Separatists VR
36/60 Darth Sidious Separatists VR
37/60 Destroyer Droid Separatists R
38/60 Durge Separatists R
39/60 Dwarf Spider Droid Separatists R
40/60 General Grievous Separatists VR
41/60 Geonosian Drone Separatists C
42/60 Geonosian Overseer Separatists U
43/60 Geonosian Picador on Orray Separatists R
44/60 Geonosian Soldier Separatists U
45/60 Jango Fett Separatists R
46/60 Security Battle Droid Separatists C
47/60 Super Battle Droid Separatists U
48/60 Super Battle Droid Separatists U
49/60 Aqualish Spy Fringe C
50/60 Aurra Sing Fringe VR
51/60 Devaronian Bounty Hunter Fringe C
52/60 Gran Raider Fringe C
53/60 Ishi Tib Scout Fringe U
54/60 Klatooinian Enforcer Fringe C
55/60 Nikto Soldier Fringe C
56/60 Quarren Raider Fringe U
57/60 Rodian Mercenary Fringe U
58/60 Weequay Mercenary Fringe C
59/60 Wookiee Commando Fringe U
60/60 Zam Wesell Fringe R





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