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Star Wars Miniature 52-60 Clone Strike Gran Raider C


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On Offer the Star Wars Miniature as per Main photo.
These are now OOP (Out Of Print and increasingly becoming scarce) They are in mint condition in bag.
Comes Pre Painted with its own statistic card sleeved in mint condition.

Checklist As Per Below

Set No Name Faction Rarity
01/60 Aayla Secura Republic VR
02/60 Aerial Clone Trooper Captain Republic R
03/60 Anakin Skywalker Republic VR
04/60 ARC Trooper Republic U
05/60 Captain Typho Republic R
06/60 Clone Trooper Republic C
07/60 Clone Trooper Republic C
08/60 Clone Trooper Commander Republic U
09/60 Clone Trooper Grenadier Republic C
10/60 Clone Trooper Sergeant Republic C
11/60 Agen Kolar Republic R
12/60 General Kenobi Republic R
13/60 Gungan Cavalry on Kaadu Republic R
14/60 Gungan Infantry Republic C
15/60 Jedi Guardian Republic U
16/60 Ki-Adi Mundi Republic R
17/60 Kit Fisto Republic R
18/60 Luminara Unduli Republic R
19/60 Mace Windu Republic VR
20/60 Naboo Soldier Republic U
21/60 Padmé Amidala Republic VR
22/60 Plo Koon Republic R
23/60 Qui-Gon Jinn Republic VR
24/60 Quinlan Vos Republic VR
25/60 Saesee Tiin Republic R
26/60 Yoda Republic VR
27/60 Asajj Ventress Separatists R
28/60 Battle Droid Separatists C
29/60 Battle Droid Separatists C
30/60 Battle Droid Separatists C
31/60 Battle Droid Officer Separatists U
32/60 Battle Droid on STAP Separatists R
33/60 Count Dooku Separatists VR
34/60 Dark Side Acolyte Separatists U
35/60 Darth Maul Separatists VR
36/60 Darth Sidious Separatists VR
37/60 Destroyer Droid Separatists R
38/60 Durge Separatists R
39/60 Dwarf Spider Droid Separatists R
40/60 General Grievous Separatists VR
41/60 Geonosian Drone Separatists C
42/60 Geonosian Overseer Separatists U
43/60 Geonosian Picador on Orray Separatists R
44/60 Geonosian Soldier Separatists U
45/60 Jango Fett Separatists R
46/60 Security Battle Droid Separatists C
47/60 Super Battle Droid Separatists U
48/60 Super Battle Droid Separatists U
49/60 Aqualish Spy Fringe C
50/60 Aurra Sing Fringe VR
51/60 Devaronian Bounty Hunter Fringe C
52/60 Gran Raider Fringe C
53/60 Ishi Tib Scout Fringe U
54/60 Klatooinian Enforcer Fringe C
55/60 Nikto Soldier Fringe C
56/60 Quarren Raider Fringe U
57/60 Rodian Mercenary Fringe U
58/60 Weequay Mercenary Fringe C
59/60 Wookiee Commando Fringe U
60/60 Zam Wesell Fringe R


Star Wars Miniatures

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