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Star Wars Miniatures: GoW 32-40 Obi-Wan Kenobi – General R


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Galaxy at War

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Galaxy At War set Details

Forged in the Fires of Battle

From the Core to the Outer Rim Territories, the flames of war spread throughout known space. It is a dark time for the Republic, as clone troopers engage endless waves of battle droids, and the fate of the galaxy rests on the outcome…

The ultimate collection of military minded heroes and villains, including 16 new characters from The Clone Wars – 40 figures in all!

Release date: October 27, 2009

Galaxy At War continues the epic battle of The Clone Wars, featuring characters from the popular Lucas animated series.

This 40-figure set pays particular focus to military figures, including unique characters with key roles in The Clone Wars and the Galactic Civil War. Each booster contains seven random, pre-painted, fully assembled plastic miniatures complete with full-color stat cards. Scheduled to ship in October.



1/40 Asajj Ventress, Strike Leader R
2/40 Battle Droid C
3/40 Battle Droid Sergeant U
4/40 B3 Ultra Battle Droid U
5/40 Captain Mar Tuuk VR
6/40 Commando Droid C
7/40 Commando Droid C
8/40 Commando Droid Captain U
9/40 A4-Series Lab Droid U
10/40 General Grievous, Scourge of the Jedi R
11/40 General Whorm Loathsom VR
12/40 IG-100 MagnaGuard U
13/40 IG-100 MagnaGuard Artillerist U
14/40 LR-57 Combat Droid U
15/40 Wat Tambor, Techno Union Foreman VR
16/40 Admiral Yularen VR
17/40 ARF Trooper C
18/40 AT-TE Driver C
19/40 Captain Argyus VR
20/40 Clone Trooper Pilot C
21/40 Clone Trooper Sergeant U
22/40 Clone Trooper with Night Vision C
23/40 Clone Trooper with Repeating Blaster U
24/40 Commander Ahsoka R
25/40 Commander Cody R
26/40 Captain Rex, 501st Commander R
27/40 Elite Senate Guard U
28/40 501st Clone Trooper C
29/40 General Skywalker R
30/40 Jedi Master Kit Fisto R
31/40 Nahdar Vebb VR
32/40 Obi-Wan Kenobi, Jedi General R
33/40 Senate Commando C
34/40 Aqualish Technician C
35/40 Cad Bane VR
36/40 Hondo Ohnaka VR
37/40 R7 Astromech Droid U
38/40 Rodian Trader C
39/40 Treadwell Droid U
40/40 Weequay Pirate C


Star Wars Miniatures

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