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Starfinder Planets of Peril: 26 Norikama Dropship


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Starfinder Planets of Peril: 26 Norikama Dropship

Manufacturer:   Wizkids/ Wizards of the Coast / TSR

Condition: These models are brand new.

Blast off into a galaxy of adventure with Starfinder Battles: Planets of Peril! Step into your powered armour and grab your magic-infused laser rifle as you investigate the mysteries of a weird universe with your bold starship crew.

Will you delve for lost artefacts in the ruins of alien temples? Strap on rune-enhanced armour and a laser rifle to battle undead empires in fleets of bone ships, or defend colonists from a swarm of ravenous monsters? Maybe you’ll hack into the mainframe of a god-run corporation, or search the stars for clues to the secret history of the universe or brand new planets to explore.

Contains: x1 Norikama Dropship Painted Miniature

If you are ever unsatisfied with the miniature you receive please let us know immediately and we will do our utmost to ensure you are satisfied.


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Weight 10 kg