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The Army Painter: Battlefields – Wasteland Tuft (77 Tufts)


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The Army Painter: Battlefields – Wasteland Tuft (77 Tufts)


  • 1x Pack of Terrain Tufts
  • 1 Pack Contains: x12 Large tufts, 35 medium tufts, 30 small tufts


Wasteland… Alone in the great wastes of the world your miniatures will have to fend for themselves.

Wasteland Tufts gives the sinister impression of a harsh environment and are great for an “evil” or “spooky” setting for your miniatures.

These tufts from The Army Painter are very realistic look and combine excellently with others for great effects.

  • 3 different sizes for any base size
  • Easy to use and attach quickly with Super Glue
  • Use Tweezers to attach to bases

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Weight 2 kg

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