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Warhammer 40K: Harlequin Death Jester


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Warhammer 40K: Harlequin Death Jester

We can only ship these to European Countries (Games Workshop policy I am afraid)


The Death Jester attitude to war follows exactly as their name suggests. They take great joy and pride in killing their intended targets. They are the embodiment of death, covered in dark black holosuits, with bones from their victims attached to their armour and masked with a death skull faced helmet. Carrying a shuriken cannon, they wield this weapon with surgical precision and impossible grace. A deadly warrior and all enemies of the Harlequins should fear the reaper.

Scattered across the universe, the Eldar are a nomadic race living in their Craft World ships. The Harlequins constantly tour the domains of their species, carrying out their self-appointed duties of telling the Eldar history, most the most notably the epic Fall of it through theatrical performances. and punishing those that destroy what is left of their precious race or those corrupted by Slananesh. Harlequins are rumoured to be among the few who know the location of the legendary Black Library and help protect it against unwanted intruders, they are deadly combat warriors, their acrobatic and deceptive skills, as well as their unique weapons and equipment provide them with the monstrous reputation of fear and death that follows in their wake.

This clam pack contains one highly detailed, plastic Harlequin Death Jester miniature. It is great out of the kit or allows for a brilliant conversion project with other Eldar and Dark Eldar sets. A great addition to any collection.


Warhammer 40k

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