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WarLock Tiles Accessory: Spelunker’s Docks


Available on: 20/05/2022
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WarLock Tiles Accessory: Spelunker’s Docks

Manufacturer:  Wizkids
Releases: May 2022
Core Set: Warlock Tiles
Condition: These models are brand new.


From Wizkids’ WarLock-series comes this accessory pack for miniature games.

Ramshackle docks and piers that have been cobbled together from scrap wood and only somewhat maintained over years of service at the edge of a vast Subterranean Lake (SKU 16542). Moored here are a handful of watercraft: a pair of simple barrel rafts and a surprisingly well-crafted rowboat left by an owner whose luck must have run out.

Additional Features:

– Both Boardwalks have friction-fit pilings that can be removed in order to fit over/around Caverns floor tiles.
– Mastercraft Rowboat has friction-fit seats that can be removed to accommodate more/larger minis.
– Boardwalks and Piers are all designed to fit together in any configuration, maximizing building options.


This set includes:*

  • 4x Archway
  • Short Boardwalk (1)
  • Long Boardwalk (1)
  • Short Pier (3)
  • Mastercraft Rowboat (1)
  • 6-Person Barrel Raft (2)
  • Wooden Fishing Trap (3)
  • Metal Fishing Trap (3)
  • Coil of Rope (3)*Contents Subject to Change


Dungeons and Dragons



Warlock Tiles

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Weight 1 kg