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WarLock Tiles: Accessory -Tavern


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WarLock Tiles: Accessory – Tavern

Manufacturer:  Wizkids

Releases: January 2021

Core Set: Warlock Tiles

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Condition: These models are brand new.

Create an immersive experience for everyone with the WarLock Accessory: Tavern! With modular options and over 15 pieces, set the scene for the eager buzz of the locals at the inn! Whether just stopping in to have a pint or staying for the night you’re sure to enjoy a memorable game night at your table. A great addition to any miniature terrain collection!

Set includes:

Bar Straight (1)
Bar L-Shape, (1)
Bar 45 Degree Angle, (1)
Bear Skin Rug, (1)
Beer Tap, (1)
Drink Cabinet, (1)
Stone Fireplace, (1)
Bartender, (1)
Bread Loaf Circle, (1)
Bread Loaf Long, (1)
Keg Barrel, (1)
Beds, (2)
Stool, (2)
Table, (1)
Rooster, (1)


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