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WarLock Tiles: Accessory – Torture Chamber


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WarLock Tiles: Accessory – Torture Chamber

Manufacturer:  Wizkids

Releases: January 2021

Core Set: Warlock Tiles

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Condition: These models are brand new.

Add-ons for a more immersive gameplay experience!

This set contains:

2x – Cage
2x – Chains
1x – Iron Maiden
2x – Stock
2x – Torture Cross
2x – The Rack
1x – Drowning Through
2x – Hanging Cage
1x – Table
1x – Assistant
1x – Brazen Bull
2x – Fire Bowl (w clear fire element)
1x – Spike Chair
1x – Pendulum
2x – Fire Torch Lamp on Wood Stand
1x – Surgical Tray
1x – The Catherine Wheel
1x – Torturer


Dungeons and Dragons



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Weight 1 kg