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WarLock Tiles: Dripstone Bridges Expansion


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WarLock Tiles: Dripstone Bridges Expansion

Manufacturer:  Wizkids
Releases: October 2021
Core Set: Warlock Tiles
Condition: These models are brand new.


Spanning high in the darkness of vast caverns, sturdy natural bridges (and precarious rope and plank bridges) arch across stretches of open air, reachable by clambering up sturdy, but precarious pillars.


  • x4, Archway
  • x2, 1″ Riser Pillar
  • x2, 2″ Riser Pillar
  • x2, 3″ Riser Pillar
  • x4, 1″ Bridge – End (Wedge)
  • x4, 1″ Bridge – End (Posts)
  • x6, 1″ Bridge – Slat Grid
  • x6, 1″ Bridge – Slat No Grid
  • x1, 1″ Bridge – Slat Broken


Dungeons and Dragons



Warlock Tiles

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Weight 1 kg