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When I Dream (2016)


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Games: When I Dream (2016)

  • Core Set: When I Dream Core Game
  • Manufacturer: Repos Production, asmodee
  • No of Players: 4-10
  • Playing Time: 20 to 40 Minutes
  • Minimum Age: 8+
  • Release Date: 2016


When you wake up from a fantastic dream, how much of it can you remember? That’s the angle in When I Dream, a fun, real-time party game from Repos Production. One person plays as the Dreamer, who wears a cloth sleeping mask (included in the box). Everyone else takes on the role of the ‘Dream Spirits’, who look to either help or hinder the Dreamer. There’s also memory and hidden role aspects at play, here…

The Dreamer must have eaten a lot of cheese before bed-time. They’re having quite the surreal, vivid dream! The other players get dealt secret roles, which they adopt for the round. They’ll either be a good Dream Spirit, where they want to give genuine clues to the Dreamer. Or, they’ll be a naughty Dream Spirit, where they want to cause the Dreamer to make mistakes. Or, they’ll be a trickster, whose aim is to give both correct and false clues throughout the round.

Clues to what, you ask? During the round, cards get drawn with words on them. It’s up to the Spirits, in turn order, to describe the word to the Dreamer using one-word clues. Of course, some Spirits are trying to confuse the Dreamer! The Dreamer can guess what the word is, and it gets put in either a correct or wrong pile. A new card gets flipped, and play continues for two minutes.

After the time runs out, then the Dreamer has to recount their dream in a story-telling aspect. For every clue they namedrop in the dream that was in the correct pile, they gain one point. The good Spirits earn one point per clue the Dreamer correctly guesses. The naughty Spirits earn one point for each clue the Dreamer gets wrong. Finally, the tricksters want the cards in the correct and wrong piles to be as even as possible to score points.

Games of When I Dream take no time at all to explain. No one’s going to fall asleep (for real) at the table during this!


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