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Willy Miniatures Halfling Imperial Halfling Player No 9


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Miniatures are 30mm scale and will be supplied with a new base.

Condition:  Unpainted as new (Photo of miniature was painted by the artist quoted in the photo and is for example only of how it could look).

Please note many of the larger miniatures come in multi part and may need some assembly before painting.  If you have any questions please ask.

Willy Miniatures is a small company which produce high quality miniatures for fantasy football and other miniature games. They offer alternative designs to existing models and they provide players with a wide variety of miniatures to help them complete their teams. To achieve this they always work with the most talented sculptors.

These miniatures are ideal for using with your fantasy football games such as Blood Bowl, Elf Ball, Dread Ball etc.


Willy Miniatures

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