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WizKids Miniatures Fantasy Terrain Painted Pools and Pillars


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WizKids Miniatures Fantasy Terrain – Painted Pools and Pillars Set 1

Manufacturer:  Wizkids/ Piazo

Core Set: Pathfinder / D&D

Condition: These models are brand new.

This boxed set contains 24 beautifully crafted, painted miniature figures featuring an assortment of pools, pillars, and pressure-fit accessories. Customize your scenes with interchangeable, pressure-fit parts like torches, banners, or a mounted deer head.

4 Pillars
1 Fallen Pillar
4 Banner Accessories
4 Torch Accessories
1 Deer Head Accessory
3 Small Pools
1 Large Pool
3 Large Pool Rock Pieces
2 Large Pool Gargoyle Statues
1 Large Pool Brazier

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