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X-Wing 2nd Edition Accessory Ruler Set Imperial Light Pink x12 CogOTwo


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X-Wing 2nd Edition Accessory Ruler Set Imperial Light Pink x 12 CogOTwo

(Please note that images are of the ruler sets as they come ‘unpainted as new’.  The markings are indented and the rulers are prepared with tracing paper to prevent applying paint to the unetched areas.  Acrylic paint is best to use here but other paints may work equally as well – once paint has been applied to these indentation areas then carefully remove the tracing paper and the rulers should look like the ‘painted sample’ as it appears on the image.  Any trouble or help or advice then please contact us)

Set of 12 gaming rulers, compatible with Version 2 X-Wing.

Made from 3mm acrylic. 6 straight / 3 tight radius / 3 sweeping radius.

Supplied unpainted with protective cover front and back.

Original Artwork By Rodent Mastermind


X-Wing Miniatures

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