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X-Wing 2nd Edition Miniatures TIE-VN Silencer Expansion


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X-Wing 2nd Edition Miniatures TIE-VN Silencer Expansion Pack

  • Core Set: X-Wing 2nd Edition
  • Manufacturer: Fantasy Flight Games
  • No of Players: 2
  • Playing Time: 30-45 mins
  • Minimum Age: 8+
  • Release Date: 2018


X-Wing 2nd Edition Miniatures TIE-VN Silencer Expansion Pack

The TIE/vn silencer is the most elite starfighter developed for the First Order by Sienar-Jaemus Fleet Systems. Built in the depths of the Unknown Regions with the technologies that once made the TIE defender an unprecedented threat, this dreaded craft can threaten any Resistance ship—provided the pilot can handle its power and speed.

Featuring a beautifully re-sculpted miniature, the TIE/vn Silencer Expansion Pack gives you everything you need to wield one of these high-tech fighters in your First Order squadrons. In addition to six ship cards identical to those found in the First Order Conversion Kit, you’ll also find reprints of five upgrade cards tailored to the silencer’s unique capabilities, as well as two Quick Build cards inviting you to jump into action right away.

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